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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Welcome to Cody!

As soon as I saw her car, I knew I was busted. I had no idea what the speed limit was and I had no idea how fast I was going, but I just knew she was coming after me. No need to put on the break in an attempt to slow down because she had already clocked me and was in the process of flipping her lights on and making a U-turn from the spot she was sitting in. As she approached my vehicle I was praying the hubby had put the insurance card back in the truck after getting the registration a few weeks earlier. After frantically searching I found it, but not the registration, which she informed me was against the law not to have it with me! Great, just slap that fine on there to while your at it! I still have a Texas driver's license, our insurance card had the incorrect address on it, no registration in the truck, and I was clocked doing 43 in a 30. Yep, there was no getting
out of this one. Instead of freaking out over my very first speeding ticket, or worried about how much it was going to cost and what the hubby was going to say, my biggest concern was the fact that my name was going to be published in the paper under the police report. Yep folks, that's right, every little thing makes its way into the paper in this town; weddings, births, divorces, and even speeding tickets. 

After sitting in my car waiting for the inevitable, for what seemed like an eternity, she appeared again giving me only a warning with strict instruction to slow down and to get the registration paper in the car. 

Praise the Lord, I stayed out of Monday's paper!

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