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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another day, Another Dollar!

the year of 2011 has so far been a big one for starbucks.  first they announce they are changing their logo and now, starting today in the great state of texas, among others, we can now get a super sized amount, the Trenta, of our favorite iced coffees!  however I am totally bummed that we don't have a starbucks in our town, otherwise I would be running out this a.m. to snatch one of this up, just because. 
photo courtesy of a great unofficial page for all you Starbucks lovers like myself!!

after preheating my oven i kept smelling a burnt rubber stench.  i continued whipping up my cornbread batter and then it dawned on me, a little boy had gotten caught earlier that day with the oven door open. i threw open the oven door and out rolled smoke and the most horrible smell....
these truly were some Hot Wheels! barump bump!


  1. Trenta? Cause who doesn't need a $20 coffee.

  2. Now this oven is not healty because of the smoke. It swallows the sides of your oven so it's toxic and if you cook something in it, food will get some toxic materials from the hot wheels :) Clean it well. if i were you, i buy another one :)