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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013...week one

I love new beginnings. They motivate me. Our lives are so busy and we have been so exhausted trying to keep up with everything and not doing it in any kind of organized fashion. It has caused my husband and I to be irritable and tired. So, we decided we needed to do something about it.

-So far this week I have lost 4 lbs.
-We are working out together. 5:30 am.
-I have started juicing. Wow, the health benefits are unbelievable.
-I've read from my bible everyday following a reading plan to read through the bible in 52 weeks.
-We are working on a house To Do List with the goal to complete one project by the last day of every month.
-Sundays are church, meal planning, grocery shopping, kids clothes laid out for the school week, and do our weekly budget.
-I've read for at least five minutes every night (currently reading The Shack).
-I've tried 4 new recipes. How did we live without pinterest?

Without a doubt I can say we have started off on the right foot in 2013. I feel like we are getting some things accomplished, and it feels great!!