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Friday, March 04, 2011

I do not like them here or there. I do not like there ANYWHERE!

peace out, Dr. Seuss!
we rocked the house Wednesday night with green eggs and ham for dinner to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss. it was fun.  the trick to eating green eggs for us adults, close your eyes when eating them, then they taste just like regular scrambled eggs.

i have an amazing secret pal in this women's group i belong to at church. i got my first gift from her a couple of weeks ago. oh, how she knows me so well! it doesn't take much to please me and i couldn't think of a more perfect gift!

post-it notes and chocolate! i am totally in love with this person, whomever it may be. how in the world does she know my secret love and obsession for office supplies? I mean seriously, this was one of the most incredible gifts I have ever received from a friend. I can't wait to see what I get next....maybe some new ink pens or cool paper clips or maybe some dry erase markers...cause i really need some new ones!

one more week and the hubs is home from Alaska...for good! yay! miss him!