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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

if only the mail could talk...

so yesterday, all creepy like, i snapped this picture of our mail lady from our dining room window.  i watch her, every day, deliver our mail fully decked out in clothing from head to toe.  now just a reminder, i live in east texas, so we are talking 100+ temps here currently.  as she parks her mail truck, i notice that she walks up and down our street, wearing long pants, a long hooded shirt, a hat, gloves, and holds the mail up covering her face from her nose down. 
am i the only person that finds this odd?
is she allergic to the sun?
or just really cold natured?
but why hold the mail in front of her face as she walks?
i must investigate this further!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Money Saving Monday!

i promised earlier today, to all my facebook friends, i would blog about my CVS purchases that i got for a whopping .38 cents.  so, this is what i got, and how i did it!  a 12 pack of coca-cola classic, two big boxes of kelloggs frosted flakes, a box of huggies baby wipes and a 12 pack of scott's toilet tissue.  using my CVS card to get the sale prices, manufacturer's coupons for the baby wipes and cereal, combined with extra bucks i had obtained from other CVS purchases is how i walked out of the store with a $29.38 savings.  the cashier even commented on my accomplishment, stating, "I wished I knew how to shop like that."  even though i was super proud of myself  for basically walking out of the store with all this free stuff, the best part of the whole experience was seeing the look on the hubby's face when i showed him what all i got for .38 cents.   


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

you scream, i scream, we all scream....

for ice cream!
if you're gonna be a member of this family,
you gotta love ice cream.
on this particular hot, summer day, little man is enjoying an old fashion
sundae from a diner downtown.
vanilla ice cream with pineapple topping.
his favorite. be a kid again.
no worries.
no sense of time.
just enjoying the summer and his dish of ice cream.
life doesn't get much better than this.


Friday, July 09, 2010

date night

when you have four kids,
date nights are few and far between. so, when we do get a chance to run away from all the chaos our favorite place to go is this charming little coffee shop in our town.  open late on friday nights, this has become our hang-out.  we recently have discovered the benifits of bribing our 13 year old with 10 bucks and unlimited time on the PS3 in exchange for baby-sitting his three younger brothers so that his boring parents can escape to their favorite cozy little spot, order a hot caramel mocha and play their favorite card game..."boo". 
and oh how i look forward to that hour and a half of bliss,
all week long!


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

it's been awhile...

it's been a busy summer so far, but it's been a great one.  our  trip to Hawaii was absolutely amazing.  our visit with family from kentucky has been relaxing and enjoyable.  our day trips have been fun and adventerous.  and our walks at night, trips to the ice cream store and swimming with friends have been filled with laughs and unforgetable memories.  funny how the act of balancing kids, housework, meals and just life in general always seems easier in the summer!