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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

flowers in a can

during a recent walk in the park, my boys, as always, picked every wild flower in site to give to me. normally, i put them in my hair or behind my ear, however, on this particular day there were so many i had to find an alternate way to display these little tokens of affection.  so, what is a mother to do, but to hurridly gulp down the remaining drop of her diet dr. pepper becaue everybody knows a can makes a perfect on-the-go vase!


Monday, May 03, 2010

flowers for mom

my sweet husband has taught our sons to pick me flowers. so, whenever we go for a walk, are at the park or even just in our back yard playing, they pick every wild flower or weed in sight and give it to me.  i absolutely adore these precious gifts from my boys. 
however, my first reaction when my 4 year old picked my only iris that bloomed was to say, "no, we don't pick these", but then I stopped and thought, how in the world can i tell this sweet little boy with dirt smeared across his face and sweaty hair not to pick me flowers?  then i realized that this way, at least i get to enjoy my iris whereas if it had stayed out in my yard, unpicked, i probably wouldn't have even noticed it. 
then he discovered my rose bush....