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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Obviously, the Topsy Turvy (Exhibit A) failed me.  I followed the directions, doing everything it said to do.  Even bought a fancy pants Topsy Turvy stand to hang them from and my tomato plant still did not survive.  Peppers, however, are still looking good.  Exhibit B, pictured above, shows the left over tomato plants that would not fit in the TT that we just threw into a planter we had in the back yard and added some fresh soil with no high expectations of it surviving. We were wrong. These tomato plants are thriving and look beautiful and I am actually hopeful that it might produce a tomato or two.  Topsy Turvy, I am so sad that you failed me.


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Teenage Hunger

the 14 year old's epic breakfast creation this morning. and in all honesty i just now realized it has a hot dog in it. weighing in at 141.8 lb, he is 6'1" and wears a size 13 1/2 in a men's shoe.  With basketball summer workouts starting last week, he is burning the calories as quickly as he consumes them. must be nice to eat like this and still lose weight. aw, to be a teenager again.....
so, as I sit here and watch him devour his cheesy, meaty sandwich while watching "epic meal time 84 egg sandwich" video on YouTube,  I will sip on my cup of Joe and eat the remainder of my apple.   

Friday, June 03, 2011

Balloon Man

Summer is here and the reading program at our local library is up and running at full speed. The first program was yesterday and this balloon man, who goes by the name of Mister Jazz, was there to perform some balloon tricks and creations for the kiddos.  As he was preparing for his big finale, I wish I too had prepared myself and gotten my phone set to record video. By the time I realized what this crazy cat was doing, I was only able to get about 46 seconds of his performance filmed with my phone.  The kids LOVED it, but personally, it was a little creepy to me.

Summer brotherly love is also up and running....and crashing and burning here at home.  Four brothers under the same roof, all day long, for an entire week has been quite the adventure to say the least.  I have heard the names Barbie Girl and Sissy Baby at least 100 times in the past five days.  However, the funniest "name calling" that is taking place is coming from the five year old.  When he gets mad at the 11 year old the first thing out off his mouth is, "you're Justin Beaver".