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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

if only the mail could talk...

so yesterday, all creepy like, i snapped this picture of our mail lady from our dining room window.  i watch her, every day, deliver our mail fully decked out in clothing from head to toe.  now just a reminder, i live in east texas, so we are talking 100+ temps here currently.  as she parks her mail truck, i notice that she walks up and down our street, wearing long pants, a long hooded shirt, a hat, gloves, and holds the mail up covering her face from her nose down. 
am i the only person that finds this odd?
is she allergic to the sun?
or just really cold natured?
but why hold the mail in front of her face as she walks?
i must investigate this further!



  1. She is a strange one. I miss seeing the hunky mail guy that fills in for her when she is sick or on vacation. He was a sight to see!!