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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Alas, Mexi Rolls

Could it get any better than this? Maybe, but not likely.  What are the odds that this small town in Wyoming, that we now proudly call home, has a Taco John's?  Now, not everyone here has the same respect for the Potato Ole's, cheese dip, Pizza burger and Mexi Rolls that I do, mainly people that are from Texas and just don't understand the concept of Mexican fast food. However, all my Murray, Kentucky peeps who grew up with that six pack and a pound know where I'm coming from when I say Taco John's is on my "have to eat at list" every year when we travel back home.  And though we may not admit it, we all secretly get a little rage of jealousy when we read on Facebook about someone's trip home and they have 'checked in' at Taco John's. Or what about when somebody is on a road trip and they post that they have stumbled upon a Taco John's and they are now enjoying something out of that brown paper bag and then us folks that live in Taco John's-less towns, or even states, are left craving something we love but can't have?  It's just pure torture!  No longer will I have to block these people from my friends list because they are indulging in Taco John's yumminess and I'm not.  I can just go get my own, it's only 2.8 miles away.


  1. Lol... this made me happy you can now have your taco johns!!

  2. :) isn't it funny that it's the little things that makes life so wonderful!! lol.