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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Break Up

I didn't get around to checking my email until late this afternoon, and as I was scrolling through all 32 new ones, there it was, the break-up letter from Netflix.  After years of getting that little red envelope in the mail with Netflix stamped across the front, it looks like our affair is coming to an end.  Instead of moving on to the new guy, Qwikster, I've decided I will work on my relationship with Redbox and I can only hope that Netflix streaming improves on what it is putting out.  Now, I suppose, because I am addicted to streaming and refuse to pay higher package prices, I am being forced to forever say goodbye to that square red envelope that has forever been loyal to me and my family.

So, I am sending a special shout out (NOT!) to Reed Hastings for the late night email breakup and for screwing up a good product.  (I bet you fire your employees via email as well.)  As far as I'm concerned you're on the same level as Ken when he broke up with Barbie.  Just plain tacky!


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