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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Falling Back to Earth

Video taken from some folks in Washington.....

Last night my husband and I were having casual  conversation after he arrived home from Colorado and that is when he starting spitting out the odds of the satellite that was falling from space actually hitting someone.  "Say what?"  I've been so wrapped up in my new job and getting the kids from here to there, I haven't seen the news in a few days and had no idea what he was talking about.  I think the odds were something like a 1:32000 you could get hit by a piece of the UARS satellite that was now plummeting to Earth. WOW.  Those odds were pretty good, (this meant like 3 people in our town could get hit) and a whole lot better than the odds of winning the lottery  Right then and there I decided that I wasn't stepping foot outside til this thing entered the atmosphere and landed and deep down I secretly hoped it would hit our house we have for sale in Texas so that we could be done with that whole process and just collect some insurance money on the damages.  So much for wishful thinking.....

Upon waking up this morning I eagerly Googled UARS satellite to see were it landed and if anyone had been injured...or even seen it.  According to it has reportedly fallen back to Earth and they are trying to pinpoint exactly where and when.  It sort of amazes me that NASA couldn't just watch this thing fall and knows exactly where it is.  We are able to track and witness comets when they are in orbit with the Earth every 100 years or so, but we don't know when and where a 750 million dollar, 6.5 ton, firey ball of satellite enters the atmosphere, plummeting towards us?  Hmmm....

However, I am certainly glad to hear that no one was reportedly injured, as of yet, and I look forward to following this exciting piece of NASA news.  In the back of my mind I am still picturing ET, crop circles and fields in Nebraska with large pieces of UARS debris scattered all around....we shall see!

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