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Monday, January 02, 2012

Personal and Family Goals for 2012

Why just set one New Year resolution?  I find that when I do this I either forget about it or get bored with it.  Instead I have chosen to set a number of goals in hopes that I will be able to accomplish most, if not all of them.  Also, writing them down, blogging them and/or posting them on a social network is an excellent way to actually remembering the goals you have set for yourself as well as feeling that you are being held accountable for achieving them.  This is the first year that I have publically announced my goals.  I am hoping it will inspire me to follow through with them and I hope it also inspires others to set and work towards their own goals. 

2012 Personal Goals:
Read through the Bible in one year using this chronological plan.
Keep Ridiculously Delicious updated weekly with meal plans and new recipes.
Plan blog posts a week in advance.
Eat healthy, exercise faithfully and drink a lot more water!
Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
Commit to reading 12 books as outlined in my reading plan..
Once a month send someone a handwritten card/note.
Continue meal planning.

Marriage Goals:
Twice a month go on a date with my husband.
Once a week have lunch with my husband (even if it is left-overs from home in one of our offices).
Go on a marriage retreat in the form of a weekend get-away, just the two of us.  
Read a book together and discuss it.

Children/Family Goals:
Weekly family game night (board game/wii/cards).
One weekend day a month declared media free.  No TV/computer/video  games, etc.
One field trip a month (museum, Yellowstone National Park, etc.).
Becoming more involved in our new community.
Reading time every night with the kids and on their own.
Camping – and LOTS OF IT!

Financial Goals:
Doing a monthly budget and sticking to it using Dave Ramsey's Budgeting forms.
Increasing our monthly savings by 65% with this increase being divided between the boys’ savings and checking accounts and into our General and Emergency savings accounts. 
Giving to the local food pantry and missions in and outside of our community as God leads us to do. 
Continue tithing.



  1. This an awesome Goal Plan for you and your family...I think everyone should to do, that way they know that they have something to work towards and in turn have challenges...good I'm going to work on mine.Thanks!

  2. Thanks Suzann! I'm excited about working towards those goals and becoming a lot more productive. :)