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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Left Behind...

I just finished looking through some pictures in USA today's Media Gallery entitled Items Left Behind on Southwest Airlines.  It is hard to believe all this stuff that is never claimed and I am pretty impressed with how Southwest keeps all this stuff organized.  Bottom line: If you leave anything on a flight, especially Southwest, CALL THEM!  More than likely they have it and will be able to locate it for you rather quickly!
For more details and more interesting pictures of things left behind, go here!

Here are a few of the pictures they featured.  All photos are courtesy of USA today.

Laptop better believe I would be looking for mine!

e-readers...Look at all those!

Strollers.  Really?  Did they lose their baby too?

A coffee press with a cigar in it, a bird feeder and an award...ok, maybe some things are better left at Southwest!


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