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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Superbowl Party XLVI

With the Superbowl only days away, and more than 100 million people gathering to watch the big event in their homes, my goal is to make your bash the party to remember.  The number one thing the Superbowl does is bring people together (which could be both a bad and good thing), so fire up the grill and break out the hot wings and cheese dip folks because it's time for some football!

According to an article I was reading in a Billings Gazette insert, there are some rules that you can follow to ensure your party-goers have a foolproof time.

1.  Give guests a choice of party zones.  
Who says you only have to have one viewing area?  Have more than one TV set up and tuned into the game.  One can be used for those die hard football fanatics who want to see every play and call of the game and the other for the chatters and snackers.  A basement or a media room would be perfect for the die hard fans and then a TV in the kitchen/dining or living space would be perfect for the fans who are there for the food and commercials!

2.  Provide activities for young partygoers. 
Most of us have kids, so it is almost a guarantee you are going to have some youngsters at your party.  Set up a spare bedroom for them filled with board games, video games, dress up clothes and books.  Bring out the sleeping bags as well since it may get late and past some of their bedtimes.  What kid doesn't like to camp inside the house?

3.  Offer extra Entertainment for the grown-ups.
Let's face it, sometimes football can get dull, so in between those commercials we all look forward to, provide a little extra entertainment for your guests.  Ask your friends to bring a pot of chili or soup, and have a cook-off with your friends voting for their favorite pot.  Have a gift for the winner, maybe a $10.00 gift card to Wal-mart or even a homemade trophy or certificate.  

3.  Prepare for the uninvited.
Although you should always do a pregame headcount to ensure you have enough food, you should get enough food and drinks for at least 10 extra guests.  One easy solution is to buy some frozen appetizers to have on hand ready to heat up in case your spread starts to run low.  

I am leaving you with a link to a Superbowl Game that my family and friends play every year.  Print these off (or make your own) and pass them out to all your guests as they arrive.  Have a basket of pens or pencils ready to pass out as well.  BE SURE THEY ARE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS and then given back to the host.  The host can participate for fun, but shouldn't be eligible to win.  The host should keep one copy to use as the key and record the events as they occur.  At the end of the game all guests add up their score and the person with the most points is the winner!  We always have lots of fun with this game and even let the older kids join in!

I hope you find these tips helpful in making your Superbowl Party a success.  Later today I will be posting some food ideas that are sure to make your party one to talk about it!




  1. Great ideas!!! Excited to give these a try this weekend.

  2. Can you please email me this I can't seem to open it. Thanks