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Friday, August 19, 2011

"She's Not A CHRISTIAN!"

This post is dedicated to my son, D, who sits and laughs out loud every time he watches this video.  Certain days of the week my sons get stuck watching "mom" shows that I've DVR'd, like the Bachelor, Wife Swap, Dancing With the Stars, Kate plus Eight, etc., etc.  I remember when this episode aired and the boys watched with me.  This was, by far, the CRAZIEST Trading Spouses we had ever seen.  Recently, while hanging out in the family room, Dillon finds this video on YouTube and we both laughed through the entire clip, (this is the very end of the show when the mom's go back home to their families and they find out what they get to do with the $50,000 they are given.)  What did we ever do without YouTube?  Kids are always embarrassed by their parents, at some point in time, but I hope that after seeing this it makes my boys a little more thankful that THEIR mom isn't THIS crazy.  


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