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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dangerously Delicious

Wow. Yum! Get it away from me because I will end up eating the entire jar. Why have I been under the impression all these years that this stuff was over-priced and disgusting? Sure it costs more than peanut butter, but after all it does contain hazelnuts instead of peanuts, as well as skim milk and Cocoa. Thanks to the constant Nutella commercials I have seen all Summer and my 11 year old talking about how good it is, I decided that I would buy the SMALL jar and give it a try. Wow. I put some on a slice of my Sunflower Breakfast Bread I got from the Farmer's Market yesterday and now I am going to have to leave the house in fear that if I stay I will sit here and eat the entire loaf....along with all the Nutella.

Dang it, why didn't I go ahead and buy the LARGE jar??

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