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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Bluegrass State, divided

If you're not from Kentucky you have no idea what kind of "Ky fried Hell" is about to take place.  The UK Wildcats versus the UofL Cardinals in the Final Four, Saturday, at 6:09.  This will be the most significant game between these two rivals in that this is the first time they are coming face to face in the Final Four.  This is a meeting that is just short of pure combustion.  We are talking Crips and Bloods here people!

Myself, like most typical UK fans, aren't fans of North Carolina, Tennessee, Duke, Indiana and have a very strong dislike for Louisville.  It's all we know.  It's how we were raised.  It's in our blood.  We bleed UK blue!

In Kentucky, basketball means more than politics and religion (some will argue that basketball is our religion), and on the days that UK plays Louisville you don't make plans, you sit and you watch.   It's tradition.  It's legendary.  It's basketball in Kentucky.

Go Big Blue!   Out of the mouth of Dickie V., "It's going to be awesome, baby!"

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