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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

dull moments? never any of those around here!!

Hmmm... *sigh* i sit here and ponder over something witty to say about this, the only thing that really comes to mind is, well, the truth.  daddy was "watching" (and i use the word 'watching' very loosely) the kids while mommy was out and when i got home the shift button on my practically new lap top was missing.  according to the hubs, this wasn't the only key that got tampered with,  but luckily he was able to get the other's popped back on.  *deep breath*  the kid responsible for this is only two years old and is currently unemployed, so looks like the cost of this repair is coming out of daddy's pocket.

this picture makes me laugh. life is such an adventure and just looking at this picture of my husband and our two youngest sons sitting in this car made out of balloons puts a smile on my face. of course, the 13 year old wouldn't DARE join in on the fun, but little does he know that one day....ONE DAY...he too will find joy in sitting in a balloon car.


  1. good point. Training my right pinky to use it however, is the tricky part!! ;)