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Monday, August 02, 2010

the dump station picture

this morning i was scrolling through our photos from summer, thinking back to our vacation in Hawaii and how beautiful The Big Island is.  remembering what a fun time the boys had at vacation bible school and all the little day trips we took with the windows rolled down and kids screaming in the backseats. the innocence and laughter of the boys just running through the yard sprinklers and playing in the back yard on the slip-'n-slide. a lot of memories have been made this summer and i love how pictures can, for a split moment, take you back in time and bring a smile to your face.

then of course, i found this picture.  the dump station picture.
why my husband feels the need to capture the memory of the dump station at a texas campground is beyond me. 
but here it is, and here it will stay.
can someone please explain?


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