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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Call 911!

this is my finger.  and yes, that is a nasty, worm gut coated, lake water infested, 5+ year old hook sticking out of it.  after getting home from the lake, a lake my family and i went to where i didn't even actually fish mind you, i opened the back hatch to the tahoe, reached in to pull out a cooler (one of those material ones, not the hard plastic ones) and i got hooked.  i have no words to describe the pain that i felt as my husband is trying to detach my finger from the cooler that this triple hook fishing lure is attached too, as well as a pair of Nike swim trunks.  as he is screaming at the 10 year old to bring him his leathermen tool, i am screaming bloody murder because every time me, the cooler or the swim trunks moved the pain became worse than any that i had ever experienced during child birth.  after my husband REFUSED to call 911 (he didn't think the incident was ambulance worthy, but he wasn't the one with the fish hook in his finger), he finally got the hook cut off of the cooler and the swim trunks and agreed to take me to the ER after I REFUSED to let him try and pull the hook through my finger with his leathermen tool.  the very nice doctor in the ER numbed my finger, pulled the hook out, gave me a nice, painful tetanus shot and a dose of antibiotic and my husband walked away with the left over, unused, surgical tools that they were just going to throw away.  he says they will work great for getting hooks out of fish! again, men!          

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