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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WaCky WeDNesDaY

how wacky will it get?
not only is that a question for this wednesday, but any day of the week in my life. i had a break down this morning and ate an apple fritter. it was crunchy, it was greasy, it was filled with warm apples and a ton of sugar and was just disgustingly delicious. and now i feel like a fat cow and expect that i probably gained at least 1 pound back out of the 19 that I have lost since January. what a bummer. anywho, i slurped down some Diet A&W with it, so those zero calories make me feel a little better.
my middle son is on his way to Austin, TX this morning with his fourth grade class to visit the state's capital, and riding on a charter bus. how whacked is that? back in the day if we went ANYWHERE from school we went on the regular, yellow school bus with no AC, windows rolled down and you only got to use the bathroom when the bus had to fill up with gas. but the way i figure it, as much as we pay in school tax around here, they should be riding charter buses everyday to school. so, i am excited for them and just hope that my boy doesn't wonder off and get lost because that is totally something that would happen to him. so, i guess wacky wednesday isn't too wacky yet, but is is only 8 a.m., so we shall see!


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