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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

diet dr. pepper and kate gosselin.

today's blog consists of some random, and boy do I mean random, thoughts.  aka, nothing else better to blog about...

first, a random fact...

this morning after dropping off my 4 year old at his two day a week preschool, i went through the drive-thru at the local donut shop and got my 1 year old his donut holes and then cruised on over to sonic and got myself a vanilla diet dr. pepper.  yumtastic!

so, once back home and enjoying my delicious treat, i decide to log on to sonic's website and check out the nutritional value of this little piece of heaven i am slurping down...

...and was pleasantly suprised to find out that my large, diet dr. pepper with vanilla only contains 59 calories, 16 carbs and 16 grams of sugar.  so, out of curiosity i build myself a large, regular dr. pepper with vanilla and discover that it contains a whopping 305 calories with 87 carbs and 87 grams of sugar! wow! craziness! diet all the way for me, baby!

now, for a random thought...

what the heck is kate gosselin thinking? 
last night as i sat and watched dancing with the stars with my 4 year old, i couldn't help but be sooo embaressed for this mother of eight as she attempted to dance on national television.  i don't even know if you could call what she was doing dancing! wow!  i was also disappointed in her appearance.  the short red dress she wore and her hair were just...well...bad.

that's it for today folks! happy tuesday!


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