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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Remembering the Good Times

It's amazing how a kid's mind works. The things they recall at such a young age and the way they express it.  

Little League Football has returned to our home.  There is a gap between the teenagers and the littles, so it's been a few years since we have sat on the side lines at a little league football game. I'm not going to lie, it's a little painful. The disorganization. The confusion.  The whinning.  And then there are the tired parents sitting in their camping chairs who you know have only three things on their minds.  What am I cooking for dinner?  I'll never get them to do their homework.  How do I keep them awake long enough to get them bathed? 

Ethan is QB for his 4th grade team.  He's doing great for his first year and he does great at remembering plays and making long passes to the receivers.  He scored his first touchdown last night, which was really cool.  However, once we got home and the hype had settled down, the drama from the exhaustion sat in and tears of missing his big brother began to pour.  It's not that often that the boys cry because they miss each other, but now that we have one in college, it is happening more often. Before I knew it he was watching YouTube videos of Dillon when he was QB at his middle school in Texas and just bawling.  Jaxon was watching in the background saying, "I remember the good times".  Given the fact that Jaxon was about 1 year old at the time I don't know how much he remembers, but maybe his memory is better than mine.  At this point I felt it necessary that we get Dillon on the phone to calm the situation.  

It melted my heart. 

Jaxon wanted to know if it was morning where he was and Dillon explained to him and he was still in Wyoming so it was 8:30 pm there as well.  Jaxon requested he come home so he could give him a hug and then told him he loved him and passed the phone on.  Ethan on the other hand was so emotional at hearing Dillon's voice it was hard to get out how much he missed him and that he scored his first TD.  But he eventually did and this seemed to calm him down and bring him some peace. 

The boys' first trip to Laramie to visit their big bro will be in October when we travel to UW for homecoming and coincidently Dillon's 19th birthday. It can't get here quick enough.  

As the weeks pass by since he has left for school, the days gets harder because it's been so long since he has walked through the door and sat down at the table for dinner.  For now I will continue to "remember the good times" with the rest of the family and try to keep Ethan off of YouTube after little league games! 

I'll leave you with this picture taken of the four of them when Dillon was a Freshman in highschool.  It's one of my favorites and brings back a flood of great memories. 


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