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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wednesday Night Bliss...

On, On, U of K, we are right for the fight today...
No wonder they're not playing Marist, I was looking at the wrong date...WEDNESDAY strikes again!!
Ever have one of those days that starts off with wet hair in 18 degree weather, dealing with drug seekers all day and then come home to a burnt crockpot meal? And those were the highlights of my day. As my friend Pamela said this morning, "Wednesday, you are Monday's vicious little sister." So, in hopes to turning this day around at the last minute I am indulging in three of my favorite things...a good Grisham book, a good beer and a GREAT basketball game! Go Cats!
Shock of my favs.
Picked up a copy of  this, his latest, earlier today...


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