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Monday, February 21, 2011

Holding Fast

karen James.  Listening to her story this past summer at Women Of Faith, in Dallas, Tx, brought me to tears.  I was so moved by her story and her unfailing faith, i felt compelled to buy her book, Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy.  For an entire year after the tragic accident of her husband, Kelly James, becoming trapped on Mount Hood, Karen gathered facts and information about this horrible tragedy, in 2006, that changed her life forever.  This book is her story of what really happened to her husband and his two climbing partners and friends, Brian Hall and Jerry "Nikko" Cooke".  Even though, before you even begin reading the book, you already know the outcome, it is a book I found hard to put down.  Her faith, love for her husband, love for her God, and her family, and her strength after she lost her husband gave me, a reader, something to thrive for in my own life.  This book will pull at your emotions, but is a read I highly recommend.  This is a very touching story about a mountain climb gone terribly wrong and after reading this heartfelt book, I feel inspired to "hold fast" to those that I love and hold dear to my heart. I hope you feel the same.

about the author: "karen james began her career anchoring the noon news headlines of a farm and ranch report at a small Oklahoma TV station. Throughout the next decade, Karen worked her way up by reporting at ABC, NBC, and CBS TV news affiliates in cities across the country, with her last reporter position in Dallas. During her career, she covered mostly crime and was known for her ability to work closely with law enforcement. Karen received three awards from the Associated Press for her journalism.

After reporting, Karen took a communications position with AARP and applied her skills to publicizing and developing grassroots campaigns to help pass consumer protection and health care legislation on both the federal and state levels. She has also been recognized by the FBI for her public relations campaign to protect consumers against fraud.

In late 1997, Karen's best friend introduced her to Kelly James, their landscape architect. After their first date, the two were inseparable. Kelly introduced her to his love of the mountains and climbing and Karen often joined him on his travels. He proposed atop snowy Mount Rainier and the couple was married in 2000. Together, with Kelly’s four children, they built their life around the outdoors, art and God.

With Kelly’s encouragement Karen started painting as a hobby, and is now considered an accomplished artist, with her modern abstract paintings showing in galleries in Santa Fe and Dallas. To view her art visit Karen is a public relations consultant and speaks on surviving tragedy and loss and is committed to sharing her story and the lessons she has learned in hopes that it will bring peace and comfort to others who are facing difficult times. She resides in Dallas and is a member of Fellowship Bible Church of Dallas. She shares her life with her four stepchildren and greatly enjoys spending time with her family and friends."

photos and about the author taken from Holding Fast.


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