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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I WON! Thanks Collider!

never win anything!
until now!
yesterday i received an email in my gmail account
from the editor of informing
me that i was one of the winners
of their clash of the titans
i couldn't believe it!
i seriously, never win anything.
maybe this means my luck is changing!
i can't even explain the excitement i was experiencing.
my imagination was running wild, just wondering what i had won.
i honestly felt like the dad on a christmas story who won
"a major award".
i wondered if my prize would have "F-R-A-G-I-L-E"
stamped on the package as well!
i didn't have to wait too long, because as the postman was walking up to my door
yesterday afternoon, there it was, gripped tightly in his hand...
my prize!
after admiring my package for a couple of seconds i quickly
ripped it open to find a clash of the titans
hooded jacket.
perfect for my 10 and 13 year old sons who
now get to fight over who gets to wear it!
thanks again collider for making this SAHM's wednesday
a little bit more exciting!


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