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Friday, February 05, 2010

Late nights at the local HEB

I love late night grocery shopping at our local HEB with my husband. For me, it is a relaxing, kid-free experience and the best part is that I get to soak up some much needed alone time with the hubby. Okay, rewind, did I just say that? What happened to romantic dinners, date nights to the theater and late night trips to the coffee shop? Oh yeah, I remember, the four munchkins arguing in the living room over the Wii is what happened. So now, I just take what I can get and if late nights at HEB is it, then bring it on! To us, going to HEB is like a treasure hunt, you just never know what kind of treasure you are going to find or if you will even find one at all. Last night though, we hit the jackpot...well the clearance jackpot! Just a hodgepodge of grand things. Soap for .12 cents a bar, now who would pass that up? Natural environmental friendly diapers for $6.47 and we had diapers on our list so that was a big two thumbs up! Double Dipped Fudge Mallows for .89! Woohoo! Antibacterial hand soap for .49 cents! Double Woohoo considering all the kids are sick. And to top it off our high protein organic Cliff Bars that we love were marked down to .50 cents a bar and a box of 20 for 5.99 and then when checked out those were half price of the clearance! So, .25 cents and 2.99 a box. You would have thought we just won the lottery. We went for milk, diapers and our donation items for the food pantry and ended up with a cart full, but doesn't that always seem to happen?

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  1. HEB is great and they own Central Market! I'm going to miss Central Market for sure but Whole Foods is close enough if I can find one close. My favorite thing is going into CM and finding all these yummy things you wouldn't get at a normal store then not being able to wait to get home to eat it :)