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Sunday, January 31, 2010

afternoon delight

What better way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon than stuffing your face with cranberry pork loin followed by a scrumptious cherry cobbler. At the first of the year I vowed to start using my crock pot(s) on a weekly basis and WOW, why didn't I start this sooner! I am literally in love with my crock pot. Why slave over a hot stove when all you have to do is throw your ingredients into this pot that cooks itself? Whoever came up with this concept and invented this little miraculous appliance is just pure genius. Now, my pork loin didn't turn out as pretty as the picture attached to the recipe I used, but boy oh boy was it delicious, just melted in my mouth. I served half for lunch and the other half is still sitting in the crock until dinner. Now, the cherry cobbler looks divine, and according to the boys in my life, tastes as good as it looks. Remember, I am watching my calorie intake, so I am saving mine for this evening and I am going to enjoy every bite. I'm feeling competitive today, so eating cherry cobbler and stacking up hotels on boardwalk and park place in a game of Monopoly sounds like a perfect way to end a lazy Sunday with the family.

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